Fighting Diligently for the Rights of the Those Accused in all types of Criminal Cases, Incuding all State and Federal and all Appellate Courts, since 1995.

Attorney at Law 

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Exclusively My Criminal Defense Law Office

You will see the person you hire in court.  I will not relegate your case to a legal intern or less experienced attorney.  I will represent you at every step personally.  All my work is my own not the work of an underling you will never meet.
I Fight for You.  Not Myself or Legal System Cronies!
Top Defense Lawyer 
One of the  most experienced and successful criminal lawyers practicing in the State of Washington.  Twenty five years of practicing exclusively  criminal law ​in nearly every county in Washington​.  Over 30 homicide defense cases and numerous violent crimes successfully defended at trial. Hundreds of successful DUIs and other misdameanors defended.  A look at newspaper articles in the newspaper Spokesman Review will verify much of my many and varied cases.
Fighting for your Rights In a System that is not "Fair".
I will help you understand the way the Criminal Justice System really works and how you can best navigate the numerous snares, misconceptions and misrepresentations!
  1. Trained Attorney
    University of Utah, Washington State University B.A. Highest Honors 1987. Study Abroad Scholarship, Cambridge University, UK 1985. Gonzaga University Law Honors 1991 Twenty Five Years of training specific to criminal defense.
  2. Fair Fees and Payment Plans
    I understand funds for many people faced with criminal prosecution lack the funds to pay a large "up front" fee for legal representation. I have been helping the disadvantaged face criminal prosecutions for over twenty years. I will not scare you with unrealistic sentencing possibilities or consequences in order to frighten you into an unreasonable fee I will be honest in my assessment and give you the real, not inflated, truth.
  3. Free Initial Consultation
    I offer free initial consultations (excluding travel time if I am required to visit a prisoner in a county other than Spokane. I will give you an honest fee estimate with no hidden costs or expenses.
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    Criminal Defense & Civil Rights
    Spokane County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney 1991-1994. Private practice since 1995. Service in all Washington State Courts, United States District Courts and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Veteran of many multiple week homicide and violent crime trials. Well experienced in DNA and Scientific Evidence cases.
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    Legal Counsel
    Uniquely willing to discuss your case and offer counsel before, during and after any prosecution. Available at all times to answer your questions and concerns. Will offer you a realistic and accurate evaluation of your case and suggest appropriate action.